Suburban Music

A video for Suburban Music in Wheaton, IL. That guy up there is my brother. He makes our family very proud and he's built quite a business for himself over in the western suburbs of Chicago. 

Direction, camera operation, writing, editing, audio, motion graphics & lighting by Luis Rodriguez. Additional camera operation by Hilary Higgins. 

Victory Auto Wreckers

This is maybe the most fun I've had directing a video. Chicago-based wrecking company Victory Auto Wreckers was famous for having the same commercial for 30 years, and when they granted us the opportunity to create a new version, we leapt at the chance.

Direction, camera operation, voiceover, audio, writing, editing & graphics by Luis Rodriguez. Additional camera operation by Ajani Bennett, motion graphics by Mario Rivera.

Fifthstar Films Manifesto

This is the manifesto for my videography company, Fifthstar Films. We had to put things on hold for a bit, as I left Chicago for California for a bit, but we formed a mighty Voltron for a few years.

BE PERSISTENT. Find something you're good at, and do it until you're great. Then keep doing it for the rest of your life. Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. Find time to dance. Don't follow trends, make trends. Impress your friends from time to time. Impress yourself every day. Go for a run. Sing like you're good at it. Be good to one another. Thankfulness is a virtue. NEVER SETTLE. Be what you envision.

Direction, camera operation, voiceover, writing, editing & graphics by Luis Rodriguez. Additional video footage by Hilary Higgins and Ajani Bennett

Daniel Wade - Fun With Destruction (Director's Cut)

We were in such a hurry to get the previous version of this video out last summer and it was so much fun shooting in a bunch of places around Chicago, but my final edit last August was lacking. In the interim, I've learned a lot more editing techniques and I'm proud to say that this cut is more representative of what I had envisioned. For all my griping about the original, it was recently selected as a Music Video of the Day by See if you can spot my cameo in the video!

Direction, camera operation and editing by Luis Rodriguez. Song written & performed by Daniel Wade. recorded at Dandy Sounds.

Daniel Wade - Snake Rattle

I ended up buying some great lights after my cinematographer bailed last minute and we shot this video on a zero dollar budget in a day. I acted as director, cinematographer and editor and set director, shooting at a friend's Edgewater apartment. Thanks to my great crew (Ajani Bennett and Robert Gallegos who make a cameo in the video a few times), we set this apartment up for shooting in record time. I'm thankful that Dan Wade trusts me creatively and makes insanely catchy music and that the cast was game for anything. 

Direction, camera operation, editing and set design by Luis Rodriguez. Song written and performed by Daniel Wade. Recorded at Dandy Sounds.

Jess Godwin - Greater Than

Jess Godwin and I recorded this in her parents' north side apartment. She had a brief outline about what she wanted, and we shot this in a style reminiscent of 90s female solo artists. She later made a decision to go with a more conventional approach to the song's recording. This recording was done by me with some shotgun mics set up in her living room. The piano felt haunting, the vocals inspirational. The end result is this beautiful song.

Direction, camera operation, audio recording, editing and titles by Luis Rodriguez. Song written and performed by Jess Godwin.


I acted as Director of Photography on this project for eccentric idea man Gerald "Solutionman" Haman. I also did the voiceover, channeling the voice of Thriller-era Vincent Price in this Bride of Frankenstein spoof.

Direction by Luis Rodriguez. Camera Operation by Luis Rodriguez & Max Zuckert. Writing by Max Zuckert and Ryan Williams. Editing and Motion Graphics by Mario Rivera.

Chicago Redeye - BTS at US Cellular Field

Does it give me street cred to call it New Comiskey Field? I tagged along with RedEye Special Correspondent Ted Gruber and shot this video with the guys behind the scenes of every White Sox home game, including beloved announcer Gene Honda.

Camera Operation, editing and titles by Luis Rodriguez. Hosted by Ted Gruber for RedEye Chicago.