Constantly pursuing new brilliant endeavors

I'm a longtime Chicagoan currently living in San Francisco. I'm always looking to work on creative projects and I'd love to hear from you.

I've been engaged in the creative arts my whole life. First singing and dancing for my family to great applause, I found the cheers intoxicating. I strove to be the best singer throughout my school years, gaining a music scholarship to college. A friend liked my voice and gave me the nickname Smooth Lou, which I used as a radio DJ, winning "Best New DJ" in my first semester at NIU.

From there, I started hosting parties and dance battles around the city in the 2000s and released several EPs and a series of comedy podcasts. In my late 20s, I sold some of my recording gear and bought a camera, something I always had an interest in, and over the course of a few years, found myself living as a vagabond. I moved to Mexico City and started shooting pictures wherever I went. I came to realize that there are a myriad of ways to express oneself, and that music was just one facet of my creative output. 

Luis Pic 2.jpg

I taught myself the Adobe suite and fell in love with shooting narrative video, first with short film and later with music videos. I learned to code, and helped get a startup photography app (Picturelife, an app that The Verge called among The Best Way to Manage Your Photos Online) off the ground.

I've gone on to direct zero-dollar budget commercials just for the LOLz as well as crowdsourced videos, all the way up to national campaigns for a major ad agency. I realized that as much as my successes have paved the way for me, my failures have given me the strength to persevere through anything and to constantly pursue new brilliant endeavors. 

I hope you enjoy the output I've gathered here and if you want to book me, just holler.